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The Galapagos Islands | Terms & Conditions




* NOTE: The following Terms, Conditions and Cancellation Policies are applicable to DIRECT ONLINE BOOKINGS of our Galapagos Land Tours ONLY.



The following terms and conditions will be applied by The Galapagos Islands .NET from the moment of reservation and booking of all touristic services involved in our Galapagos Land Tours. The payment for the reservation and invoice implies the approval and consent of the following contract terms and conditions:

The Galapagos Islands .NET acts as an intermediary in the reservation and hiring of some of the services between its traveler(s) and Secondary Supplier. The term Secondary Supplier may refer to hotels, transportations (via air, land or water), excursions and/or combined packages carried by local operators, companies and/or the municipalty in the the Galapagos Islands.

The complete confirmation of such services and the final costs applied can only be guaranteed through the emission on the respective invoice/bill and the Service Voucher and/or the air tickets. Such services are subject to the conditions previously agreed with the secondary supplier, being exclusive and direct responsibility of the Secondary Supplier the successful completion of such services.

The Galapagos Islands .NET does not take responsibility for any accident, injury, loss, change and/or act of God beyond the control of the Secondary Supplier.

The Galapagos Islands .NET as well as the Secondary Supplier assume that the traveler(s) is/are in good health conditions and aware of the physical demands, techniques, altitude and climatic variations and all risks entailed in each activity during the tour.

The Galapagos Islands .NET highly recommends to all travelers to get an travel insurance policy covering material losses, accidents, delays, air ambulance services and life loss. Medical evacuations by air ambulance to the mainland take at least 48 hours to arrange.

The Galapagos Islands .NET does not provide any sort of travel insurance along with their programs. The costs of the programs offered by The Galapagos Islands .NET do not comprise coverage for accidents or events beyond our control.

COSTS: Will include all the services detailed in this invoice and the Service Voucher as previously discussed and agreed with the traveler(s). In case The Galapagos Islands .NET arranges lodging bookings for traveler (s), it is the traveler(s) responsability to comply with the rules as well as the check-in and check-out hours of the specific hotel, hostel or lodge. The traveler(s) is/are responsible for all room fittings and/or all equipment used for each activity on their itinerary.

The Galapagos Islands .NET tours mark the day of departure as as day one (Day 1) of the trip. The last day of the tour will end with the completion of all services as previously agreed with the traveler(s) regardless of the time of the day.

All online bookings are subject to revision by the The Galapagos Islands .NET travel agents before the final confirmation is settled. In order to ensure availability and quality services, The Galapagos Islands .NET reserves the right to reject or cancel a booking, in which case an immediate refund will be made via your Pay Pal account.

All online bookings are done via Pay Pal, we do not collect any credit card information (number, expiration date, nor security code) as we don’t process the payment directly. Your Pay Pal account should take care of all security and information encryption. Please refer to our Privacy Policy regarding this point.

The Service Voucher and/or Flight Ticket (Electronic or Printable) are the only warranty of the activities agreed between The Galapagos Islands .NET and the travelers(s) – services and activities not listed in the Service Voucher will not be included during the tour and might representa en extra cost for that traveler(s) will have to assume.

Airport taxes, museum entrance fees, national park entrance fees, and communication costs are NOT INCLUDED in our Galapagos Programs, unless there is a previously established agreement between the two parties on the inclusion of such services.

Food, drinks, lodging, airport transfers and tips are NOT INCLUDED if it is not specified in the voucher either upon arrival or departure, unless there is a previously established agreement between the two parties for such services. In case the traveler(s) stay in the country has to be prolongued due to forces beyond our control (i.e. drastic seasonal changes), last minute weather conditions, terrorist activities, natural disaster, delayed arrival, unforeseen accidents, etc.

The Galapagos Islands .NET takes no responsibility in assuming these expenses, traveler(s) will be responsible for all additional costs.

LAST MINUTE CANCELATIONS: The Galapagos Islands .NET reserves the right to cancel and/or modify activities in the itinerary if it is considered there is imminent physical risk for the traveler(s), company staff or damage to company property or due to events beyond control. Please, consult our cancellation polices below or ask for more information to a The Galapagos Islands .NET agent.

The Galapagos Islands .NET reserves the right to exclude the traveler(s) from the programmed activities due to health conditions, threatening behavior or other justifiable reason involving the wellbeing of themselves, other travelers or safeguarding the right course of the activities. In such case, The Galapagos Islands .NET will not refund for any lost activity, even if included in the Service Voucher. In case of further controversy, the traveler(s) will be subject to the laws of the Ecuadorian Legislation.

GALAPAGOS LAND TOURS by The Galapagos Islands .NET

CANCELLATION POLICIES (for online bookings)

1. Booking’s Policies: 1.1. Individual Fit’s Passengers:

100% of the Tour program per passenger is required to confirm your booking, and 100% of the Air Fare (if flights are booked by us).
2. Cancellation Policies: 2.1. Individual Fit’s Passengers:

No refund is possible for online bookings.

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