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Ministry of Tourism Ecuador Health Insurance Requirement


Dear Travelers,

The Ministry of Tourism of Ecuador has issued a law in regards to all guests to the Galapagos Islands. Beginning November 2018, an Ecuador Health Insurance Requirement is mandatory for the length of remain in the Islands. This is mandatory for all nonnatives entering Galapagos as travelers. Beneath you may locate the official comunique issued by the Ministry of Tourism of Ecuador.


The Ministry of Tourism informs the tourism industry that the Health Insurance for tourists entering the country, will be valid and applied as of its enactment in Official Registry No. 938, dated February 6th, 2017, and specifically , Articles 53 and 56 of the referred Law, related to “Obligations of foreigners who enter the country as tourists, who must have public or private health insurance for the duration of their stay in Ecuador in all the migratory categories, with the exception of the people that mobilize in the zones of border integration … “. The same that will be applied starting on February 2018.

In this sense, we would like to emphasize that according to Decree No. 111 of August 3th., 2017, and based on the transitional N ° 4: “The health insurance requirement for length of stay for foreigners entering Ecuador, shall be payable within one hundred and eighty (180) days after application of these Regulations “(starting August 3, 2017). As this period elapses, the Organic Mobility Law will be applied in the most favorable sense to the people.

Additionally we inform that a technical team of the Ministry of Tourism of Ecuador is working in these legal instruments.

This communication is issued to respond to queries made to this Secretariat of State to detract from any unofficial communication that is being socialized among unions, associations, tourism service providers and local communities, on the modifications made to the Organic Law of Human Mobility.




In case you do not carry a health insurance covering travel and planning to come to Galapagos, it would be ideal if you let us know, we can provide a travel health insurance to the lenght of your stay in Galapagos. One of our travel agents will assit you with this.


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