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Galapagos Islands Tours | Navigable Tour Experience

Navigable Tours

Galapagos Islands Tours : Navigable Experience

Our Galapagos Navigable Experience Programs are one of our hotel-based Galapagos Islands Tours. The Navigations Experience plus Hotel programs feature amazing daily navigable excursions to different uninhabited islands in the archipelago.

You will be lodging at Santa Cruz Island (Puerto Ayora). You may travel to up to 4 of the Galapagos IslandsSanta Cruz plus navigable islands (Bartolomé, North Seymour, Santa Fe or Plazas). The navigations are done via comfortable speed-boats and the tours may go for 4, 5 and 6 days.

Activities include hiking, snorkeling, navigating and swimming. Explore the most awesome landscapes in the world while accompanied by a bilingual naturalist guides and staying at the hotel class of your choice: Economy, Tourist, Tourist Superior or First Class hotels.

The cost of the tour comprises accommodation, guided excursion, trasnfers in Galapagos and breakfast.

More info on Navigable Experience Programs

How do the Navigable Experience Programs work? These are Galapagos Hotel Tours Based on Santa Cruz Island. From there you will be taken via speed-boat to the different destinations (Bartolome, Plazas, North Seymour or Santa Fe). You will navigate to at least two of these islands (4-day program) and up to 3 (6-day program). The hotel in Santa Cruz will depend on the hotel category chosen for your stay. 

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