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Galapagos Trips | Cabo Rosa Tunnels a.k.a. Los Tuneles Tours

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Galapagos Trips: Cabo Rosa a.k.a. Los Tuneles Programs

These tours are another variety of our standard hotel-based Galapagos Trips. These multiday programs focus on Cabo Rosa aka. Los Tuneles in Isabela Island.

You will visit Santa Cruz, Isabela and San Cristobal Island (8-day tour) and take an excursion to Cabo Rosa (Los Tuneles) form Isabela, one of the most bio diverse sites in Galapagos.

Choose from a comfortable selection of hotel classes, Economy, Tourist, Tourist Superior or First Class hotels. Discover Galapagos Islands accompanied by a bilingual naturalist guide

These tours may go for 5, 6, and 8 days. The cost of the tour comprises accommodation, guided excursion, 3 meals a day and equipment (as set in the itinerary).

These programs are perfect for snorkeling, as Cabo Rosa holds the quintessential Galapagos wildlife and brings you closer to the endemic biodiversity of Isabela. Other activities include short hikes and wildlife viewing.

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